Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen, Sr.

Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen, Sr. ( born March 12, 1869 in Raritan, New Jersey, † February 8, 1948 in Tucson, Arizona ) was an American politician ( Republican), who from 1917 to 1923 the State of New Jersey in the U.S. Senate represented. He was a cousin of U.S. Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen. Furthermore, he was married to Emily Macy Brewster. The couple had a daughter, Victoria Frelinghuysen, who married John Grenville Bates, Jr., and a son, Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen, Jr.


After the fighting in the Spanish -American War began in an insurance company to work before being elected in 1905 in the New Jersey Senate and of which he became president in 1909. He has held several political offices before he was in 1916 elected to the U.S. Senate. Frelinghuysen was after the ratification of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, article 1913 of the first directly elected U.S. Senator in New Jersey. U.S. President Warren G. Harding signed in 1921 on the estate of Frelinghuysen in Raritan, New Jersey, the Knox -Porter Resolution, which officially began the end of American involvement in World War II. He remained there at least until July 4. After his failed re-election attempt in 1922 Frelinghuysen returned to his work in insurance companies. He died in 1948 and was subsequently buried at St. Bernard 's Cemetery in Bernardsville, New Jersey.