Josephine Hutchinson

Josephine Hutchinson ( born October 12, 1903 in Seattle, † June 4, 1998 in Manhattan, New York City ) was an American actress.


Early on came the red-haired Josephine Hutchinson with the spectacle shop in contact. Her mother Leona Roberts was a successful theater actress and later struck with roles in Gone with the Wind and Bringing Up Baby also a film career a; her aunt Edith had been successful in the silent film. Hutchinson made ​​her film debut in The Little Princess ( 1917) with Mary Pickford and attended a drama school. The Little Princess initially remained her only film and Hutchinson married in 1924 a theater director Robert W. Bell. Since 1926 she has worked with Eva Le Gallienne and began her having an affair. When this became public in 1927, the careers of Hutchinson and took Gallienne Although no damage, but could be Bell 1930 divorce from Hutchinson. In 1934 she returned to Hollywood.

They soon took on roles as the " Leading Lady ", so the wife or lover of the main character, as in the film Louis Pasteur ( 1936) with Paul Muni as Marie Pasteur and Frankenstein's son as Elsa Frankenstein on the side of Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff. In 1936, she married James F. Townsend and appeared on the cover of a film magazine. Until the 1950s, it remained in the film industry with productions such as The sweet trap, and North by Northwest successful, but also took time out of Hollywood over again. At this time she began to work more closely for television. Known series in which she appeared, are one thousand miles of dust, Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, Little House, Bonanza and Gunsmoke. In 1972, she went her third marriage with the actor State Cosworth, which held until his death in 1979. She ended her film career in 1974 and died in 1998 at an old age in a nursing home in Manhattan.

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