The Congregation of Josephites (Latin: Institutum Josephitarum Gerartimontensium or Congregation Josephitarum, religious symbol: CJ) is known as the " Josephites of Geraardsbergen ". It is a congregation that is a religious institute of the Roman Catholic Church and was founded in 1817 in Geraardsbergen (Belgium ) by the canons Constant Van Crombrugghe. Its main task is the promotion, education and training of young people and the missionary work.


On May 1, 1817 Constant Van Crombrugghe convened the first meeting in the convent of the Carmelites. 1818 Van Crombrugghe was the first monastic rule for the religious community of lay known. The vows included after the " evangelical counsels " known virtues manifested by poverty, chastity and obedience. Between the years 1823-1826, during the political unrest, the Community was under pressure and had to stop their work. 1830, the Community of the Bishop by Jan- Frans van de Velde ( 1779-1838 ) of Ghent was recognized as a " Congregation episcopal law". In the early years she was a lay organization and has become an institution for the training and education of middle-class teenagers. 1835, the new Catholic University of Leuven was opened and on behalf of Cardinal Engelbert Sterckx took over the religious community teaching activities at the affiliated " Holy Trinity College ". By royal decree of 11 May 1901, the universities received their state recognition. 1837 was chosen as the patron saint and namesake of the Institute Saint Joseph. Thus the name designation was Josephites. 1840, discussions began on the admission of priests, 1842 Bishop sat Lodewijk Jozef Delebecque the new monastic rules in force. On September 26, 1863, the Congregation received by Pope Pius IX. the " Decretum Laudis " so that the wording to " Congregation of pontifical right was done. 1897, the Congregation of the Josephites was converted into a clerical institution and in 1901 by Pope Leo XIII. approved.

Organization and facilities

The General House and the Superior General, since 2001, Robert D. Hamilton, are located in Melle. In Leuven, a provincial exists in Geraardsbergen and Ath is the delegate of Ath. The Congregation maintains in the United States and in the UK universities and colleges. In addition, she led the Diocese of Mweka in Africa (Congo ) and were active in Rwanda since 1912. In Kinshasa, she opened a college and have missions in Cameroon. Of 2004, the Congregation about 14 houses with a total of 113 members, of whom 84 are priests.

The congregation of sisters

The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph ( DMJs ) is a sister congregation of the Josephites was launched in 1817 in Aalst, also by Constant Van Crombrugghe, to life.