Jost Fitschen

Jost hinge plates ( born January 1, 1869 in Brest, Kreis Stade, † January 26, 1947 in Hamburg- Altona ) was a German botanist. He co-authored the book Flora proven plant - determination of Germany, which is known under the name Schmeil / hinge plates. His botanical and mycological author abbreviation is " hinge plates ".


Jost Fitschen was an elementary school teacher in Geversdorf at Cuxhaven, then in Neuhaus / Oste and Uphusen, later in Magdeburg before he served as rector of an elementary school in Hamburg- Altona. In Magdeburg, he belonged to the College of William urbanites 1 elementary school, one of the largest schools of Magdeburg has about 1,400 students and over 40 teachers.

His supervisor was the teacher of the natural sciences Schmeil Otto, who was the rector since 1894. Together with Schmeil wrote Fitschen the flora of Germany. An auxiliary book to determine the wild and cultivated plants in the field. The first edition was published in December 1903. From 1923 to Fitschen was the sole arranger.

Because of a treacherous nerve disease he retired prematurely. Almost the last twenty years of his life he suffered from a progressive paralysis, which confined him to his Hamburg apartment.

In professional circles hinge plates was considered an excellent herbalist. He explored, among others, the flora of the Lower Elbe, adventitious, freshwater algae, blackberries and conifers.


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  • Woody flora. A book for determining the wild and planted in Germany and neighboring countries trees and shrubs. Leipzig, 1920.
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