A journeyman (from Old High German gisello " housemate ", actually, " the the hall with another shares " ) is a craftsman who has successfully completed training in an occupation of the craft by passing the final examination before the Chamber of Crafts and consequently receive the journeyman's certificate. He is set equal to a skilled worker.

From the late Middle Ages it was common for young journeymen after their final examination for several years on tour went to gather in more distant craft with other masters of the guild experiences to deepen their technical and operational knowledge and to develop new markets. The wandering years, even on the roll called his were, from the late Middle Ages to the 19th century in most crafts a prerequisite to be able to master. Nowadays, there is this duty Wanderjahre not more, some young fellows maintain this tradition nevertheless.

In Freemasonry is the journeyman of the second, average degree of initiation.

In addition, journeyman colloquially referred a participant in a society who eats about with others ( table company) or traveling ( travel company).