JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

The J. P. Morgan Corporate Challenge ( JPMCC ) is a series of company runs over the distance of 3.5 miles ( 5.6 km ), held annually in several major cities in the world in which the organizing investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. has offices. The largest number of participants of these courses will be held in Frankfurt am Main and often called Frankfurter company run or JPMorgan Chase run, which is often, especially colloquially abbreviated to Chase run.


The 1977 launched by the Bank Manufacturers Hanover Trust in New York City under the name Corporate Challenge race is contested by corporate teams of four people and is open to all employees of companies and government agencies. The moderate length of the route is to allow as many as possible, even less athletic employees of companies to participate and strengthen the team spirit which is to be taken also into everyday work. Points are scored accordingly team times ( sum of terms of four team members ), there is also a competition for the most creative shirt design. The fastest teams of the three categories (men, women and mixed teams ) from all cities runs allowed at the expense of the organizers for championship run in the fall travel to New York, taking place since 1983. In each case one U.S. dollar Runner entry fee purpose is for a good change annually used in other countries, respectively, a similar amount ( 1.80 euros in Frankfurt the entry fee of 22 Euro per participant ( as of 2012) ). The original organizer Manufacturers Hanover Trust in 1996 for Chase Manhattan Bank and part since its merger with JP Morgan in 2000 to today's JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The largest number of participants over the series is in Frankfurt reported with between about 70,000 runners, followed by New York City, Chicago and London, with subscriber numbers between 20,000 and 30,000.

In New York, found as the only venue three runs instead of two " ordinary " in the summer to two directly consecutive days as well as a run of winning teams ( championship course ) from all runs of the event cities in the fall.


The JPMCC Frankfurt

In the only continental European venue Frankfurt am Main, the first Chase race took place in 1993 with 557 runners from 57 companies instead. 2001 50,000 participants were registered for the first time, making it the city run since then, according to the organizer of the largest of the world. Last 2013 68.709 participants were registered from 2,782 companies on June 12.

When running only teams from businesses and government agencies are permitted. The route runs through the Frankfurt city center and the West End and is 3.5 miles long ( 5.6 km ).

The fastest runner was Raphael Schäfer from Saarbrücken, in 2008 covered the distance in 15:53 ​​minutes previously. The slowest participants need more than an hour. Although the fastest teams qualify for the above mentioned championship run in New York, represents the vast majority of participants do not the performance but the common experience of the sport in the foreground.

With the particular charitable part of the entry fee each year other needy organizations or institutions are supported.


Due to the large number of participants is started from two different points since 2003, from the high street at the Opera Square ( "Start Nord" ) and the Stock Exchange street from Freßgass ( "Start South "). The starters are encouraged to line up according to their expected maturities, so the faster runners can run as freely as possible. However, due to the high density of people in the starting area and the long waiting period of up to two hours before the start of many runners try, regardless of their performance, as far as possible to start again. This has the consequence that there is on the entire route because of the uneven running tempos to disabilities among runners. Each runner must take its own time, as the last until more than 60 minutes to cross the start line after the launch, when the fastest are already in the target again and are used for reported " top runners " radio chips since 2009.

The two sections start together lead after 400 meters at Eschenheim goal. The other route leads over the Escher Landstraße north to Cronstettenstraße, then bends over the Bremer Road south-west, proceed past the IG Farben Building on Reuterweg, past the Rothschild Park and the Alte Oper in the Mainzer Landstrasse Republic Square. From there, the course leads to the right of the Friedrich- Ebert-Anlage on the Messekreisel in Senckenberganlage, past the Senckenberg Museum. The aim is nearing Bockenheimer waiting, from where lead two outlet sections of the Bock Landstraße back towards the city center and the main building of the KfW banking group along to Zeppelinallee.

Pictures of JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge