JQuery UI

jQuery UI is an extension of free JavaScript library jQuery and offers solutions for the design and functionality of the user interface (English user interface, UI).



  • Draggable and Droppable - allows Drag and Drop
  • Resizable - allows the user to magnify an element in and out
  • Selectable - Advanced functionality for marking elements
  • Sortable - donates functionality for sorting of similar items


  • Color animation
  • Animation of a class change - animates the change of a style sheet class
  • Blend effects ( explosion, shaking, jumping, etc. )


Widgets are pre-programmed solutions for Web developers who want to use common elements of user interfaces:


JQuery UI is completely modular. A developer has the possibility to include only those components that he actually needs. This prevents an unnecessarily large overhead for resources. With the help of the so-called Theme scooter, the user can customize the appearance of all built-in widgets.