JR (artist)

JR ( born February 22, 1983 in Paris) is a French photographer and street-art artist.

Life and work

JR ( Juste Ridicule ) was known for his impressive photographs of residents of suburbs, which he had to install an over-sized poster skyscrapers and bridges in Paris and Cartagena. In the Spanish port of JR up posters where old buildings were demolished to make way for more lucrative high-rise office space, large photographic portraits of the oldest inhabitants, who were driven from their homes.

Another project is the film Women Are Heroes, which was shown at the International Film Festival of Cannes competition entry. , Which was shown for example in the Düsseldorf Gallery Henrik Springmann to 30 May 2010 - From the artwork an exhibition, " Women are Heroes ' JR " also emerged. The women shown in these pictures have one thing in common: they live in the slums of the 21st century and they are strong. The result the photographs are on a journey through seven countries on three continents. The results have been exhibited in exhibitions around the world. Premiere was in October 2009 on the island of Ile Saint -Louis in Paris. Further stations were Cannes, then Los Angeles and Shanghai.

JR photographed with a Leica M9 with a Leica Summicron -M -1: 2/28-mm-ASPH-Objektiv.

JR is the winner of the 100,000 U.S. dollars TED Prize 2011. 2014 he was given a major retrospective exhibition of the Museum Frieder Burda Museum in Baden -Baden. By the way, the street artist up posters equal in the whole city.