Service Logic Execution Environment ( SLEE ) or Java Service Logic Execution Environment ( JSLEE ) is a specification for an application server, based on the needs of event - driven applications - is designed and optimized - as they can be found in the telecommunications sector. A part of the SLEE is JAIN architecture and is therefore often referred to as the JAIN SLEE. The specification was created under the auspices of the SUN, IBM and Open Cloud in cooperation with experts of various other companies as part of the JSR number 22 was started the work in 1999. Version 1.0 of the SLEE specification was released on 3 March 2004. The next version 1.1 will run under the JSR 240 and was released in July 2008.

SLEE defines a component model to pattern application logic of telecommunications applications. Furthermore, the SLEE specification defines the contract between the component and the container that will house the components. SLEE does not specify how the specification should be implemented.