JSX Composite

The IDX Composite (formerly JSX Composite, Jakarta Composite Index also, JCI, Indonesian: Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan, IHSG ) is the main stock index in Indonesia. It covers all of the Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) listed companies.


The IDX composite is a price index in which all limited companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) listed. It reflects the development of the entire Indonesian stock market. The Index will be determined solely on the basis of share prices and adjusted only to income from subscription rights and special. The weighting is based on the market capitalization of the companies listed. Corporate actions such as stock splits have no ( distorting ) influence on the index. The calculation is updated every 60 seconds during the IDX trading time.

The index value is calculated using the following formula:

Opening times of stock market are: Monday to Thursday from 04:30 bis 07:00 clock clock clock bis 11:00 CET and 08:30 CET clock and Friday from 04:30 bis 06:30 clock clock CET to 09:00 clock to 11 00 clock CET.


20th century

The index was launched on August 10, 1982 under the name of JSX Composite (Jakarta Stock Exchange Composite). The base value was set at 100 points. The recalculation was made until 1977. Between 1979 and 1985, the index closed seven years in a row with a loss. The end of 1985, the Indonesian leading index stood at 66.53 points.

From the mid- 1980s, the trading activity and market capitalization grew with the development of the financial market and the private sector. The boom of the stock market reached its peak on April 4, 1990. On this day, the JSX Composite closed higher than in December 1985 at 681.94 points, up 925 percent. According to the bursting of the speculative bubble, the stock market barometer fell to 30 October 1991, at 67.0 percent, closing at 224.71 points. On 9 July 1997, the index ended trading at 740.83 points. The gain since October 1991 is 229.7 percent.

During the Asian crisis, there was a massive outflow of capital, which caused an economic crisis in the country. Due to the crisis, investors in Indonesia had become nervous and withdrew their money. This placed the currency, the rupiah, under pressure. At the same time, the Indonesian government had a high demand for short-term loans to fill gaps in the budget. During the crisis, the JSX Composite lost value. On 21 September 1998 he finished lower than in July 1997 at 256.83 points, up 65.3 percent.

In 1999, the index recovered from its lows during the Asian crisis. Until 17 January 2000 he was closing at 703.48 points. That was September 1998, an increase of 173.9 percent.

21st Century

After the bursting of the speculative bubble in the technology sector ( dotcom bubble ) the JSX Composite fell to a low of 342.86 points until 20 April 2001. That was a decline since January 2000 by 51.3 percent. On 17 April 2002, the stock market barometer ended trading at 551.61 points, up 60.9 per cent higher than in April 2001. By the fall of 2002, the index had again suffered losses. On 14 October 2002, he closed at 337.48 points. The decline since April 2002 is 38.8 percent. In the following 5 years of Indonesian leading index rose sharply.

On 28 December 2004, the JSX Composite closed at 1003.92 points for the first time over the 1,000 - point mark on 26 April 2007 with 2016.03 points for the first time above the limit of 2,000 points. On 9 January 2008, with a closing level of 2830.26 points, a record high. That was in October 2002, an increase of 738.6 percent.

In September 2007, the Jakarta Stock Exchange closed ( JSX ) and the Surabaya Stock Exchange ( SSX ) to Indonesia Stock Exchange ( IDX ) together. To reflect this change, the JSX Composite Composite was renamed in IDX.

In the course of the international financial crisis in the U.S. real estate crisis originated in the summer of 2007, the index began to fall again. From the 3rd quarter of 2008, the crisis had an increasing impact on the real economy. As a result, stock prices plummeted worldwide. On 9 September 2008, the stock market barometer closed at 1958.75 points at the 2,000 -point mark. A new low achieved the IDX Composite on October 28, 2008, when he finished trading with 1111.39 points. This represents a decline from January 2008 to 60.7 percent.

October 28 2008 marks the turning point of the descent. From the autumn of 2008, the index was back on the way up. On 21 July 2010, the IDX Composite closed at 3013.40 points for the first time limit of 3,000 points. On 4 January 2013, the index recorded an all-time high, closing at 4410.02 points. The profit since 28 October 2008 is 296.9 percent.


The overview shows the all-time highs of IDX Composite.


The table shows the milestones in the IDX composite.

Annual development

The table shows the development of the back-calculated to 1977 IDX Composite.