Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins ( born June 12, 1962 in Detroit ) is co-founder of the Detroit techno and one of the main representatives of the genre Techno.


As the operator of the label Metroplex it is referred to by Kevin Saunderson and Jeff Mills as Godfather of Detroit Techno. His 1985 piece posted "No UFOs " is widely referred to as the first techno record ever. His subsequent publication Techno City has coined the name of this style.

Although he never had the commercial success such as Kevin Saunderson, but he has always kept his uncompromising ideals of innovative electronic music: His music sounds futuristic, often minimal.

The power plant fan went with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson at the Belleville High School and began in the late 1970s on, to produce with simple electronic music equipment. With Richard Davis aka Cybotron 3070 he founded. From the first Maxi sell 15,000 pieces, dissolve after the first album, but again. Other pseudonyms of Atkins were, for example, Infiniti and Model 500 Today Atkins works in various genres of music, he also produces slower pieces with soul influences ( as on his album Mind and Body).

The piece No UFOs, the automaker Ford advertised the launch of its Focus model in 2000. The particular relevance here is the quite intentional bridging of two Detroit veterans.

In January 2006, Atkins was nominated as songwriters from the Missy Elliott song Loose Control for a Grammy. The piece is based on the Track Clear (1982, remixed by Jose " Animal" Diaz ) by Cybotron.