Juan Aurich

The club Juan Aurich Chiclayo de is a football club from the Peruvian city of Chiclayo. The club, founded in 1922 currently playing in the Primera División Peruana, the top division of the country. Play their home games from Juan Aurich in the 24,500 -seater Estadio Elías Aguirre. Juan Aurich is currently the reigning champion in Peruvian football.


The club Juan Aurich Chiclayo de was founded on September 3, 1922 by some men in Chiclayo. These gentlemen were mostly workers on the estate of a landed gentry in Chiclayo. The squire, on which the formation of the new club was completed, was called Juan Aurich. Following him, the club was named in Club Juan Aurich de Chiclayo. The club colors of the new association were set to red and white and as a venue for a sports field in Chiclayo was chosen. Over time, the venue of Juan Aurich visibly enlarged in 1970 they built a bigger stadium for the club, the Estadio Elías Aguirre, now accommodates 25,000 spectators.

Club Juan Aurich Chiclayo de won his first city championship of Chiclayo in 1933. Winning the title should remain the only one in this competition, as it was soon abolished. For the first time in the Primera División, the top division in the Peruvian football, Juan Aurich rose to in 1966. In the season of 1967 they finished equal ninth place, while the current record champions Universitario de Deportes secured the championship. The following year was the most successful of Juan Aurich. In the Peruvian league they finished second behind Sporting Cristal and missed only after a play, as they had both point - and Torgleichheit, which ended 1:2, the first championship in club history. Such a success was the club from Chiclayo to this day unable to reach, but the home is often a front rank. After they had cooperated in the nineties with private investors and this would get into financial problem situations, the club had to descend 1995 Primera División from and threatened to sink there. By winning the Copa Perú in 1997 with a victory in the final against Deportivo UPAO Trujillo was only two years after the descent again the promotion to the top league. But only a few years later Juan Aurich fell again in financial trouble and got off again. Only in 2007 could again be celebrated by winning the Copa Perú to rise again. In the more recent past, it managed to Juan Aurich always more to build on the successful end of the period nineteen sixties. 2009 it was third in the Primera División and was able to qualify for the second time for the Copa Libertadores. In the tournament the following year, Juan Aurich reached the second round, where they finished third behind Estudiantes de La Plata and Alianza Lima in Group 3 and therefore stood down. In the first Libertadores participation in 1969, however, Juan Aurich already retired on the first lap of a group with Universidad Católica, the Santiago Wanderers and Sporting Cristal as Table.

Known player

  • Peru Fernando García, current Peruvian national team, currently in the club
  • Peru Luis Guadalupe, current Peruvian national team, currently in the club
  • Peru Luis Advíncula, current Peruvian national team, from the youth of the association
  • Peru Miguel Villalta, current Peruvian national team, a year in the club
  • Peru Diego Penny, a six-time national player, currently in the club


  • Peruvian Championship: 1x (2011)
  • Copa Perú: 2x (1997, 2007)
  • Campeonato Región I: 2x (2006, 2007)
  • Campeonato Departamental de Lambayeque: 3x (1967, 1997, 2007)
  • Campeonato de Chiclayo: 1x (1933 )
  • Participation in the Copa Libertadores: 2x