Juan de Ayala

Juan Manuel de Ayala (* December 28, 1745, † December 30, 1797 ) was an officer of the Spanish fleet in New Spain.

He played an important role in the conquest of California, since he opened up the bay from San Francisco with his ship the San Carlos became the first European.

Ayala was born in Andalusian Osuna, Spain on 28 December 1745. He joined the Spanish Navy on September 19, 1760 at until he was promoted to the rank of captain in 1782, and went into retirement until March 14, 1785.

During the conquest of California Ayala was sent north to assist the expedition of Juan Bautista de Anza military. It passes the Golden Gate on August 5, 1775 and anchored in a book in front of Angel Iceland.

  • Military person (Spain )
  • Marine ( Spain)
  • Seafarer
  • Born in 1745
  • Died in 1797
  • Man