Jubilee Odyssey

Jubilee Odyssey at Fantasy Iceland ( Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire, UK) is an inverted steel coaster on the model Suspended Looping Coaster manufacturer Vekoma, which opened on 25 May 2002. It is the biggest roller coaster of the model world and was named after the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Originally, the track should be 81 m high, which would have made them the highest Invertedachterbahn world, but there was local height restrictions, they could only have a maximum of 55 m high.

Already after the first year of operation parts of the track have been modified, including the large curve, the hammerhead element and the Sidewinder belong. These were set slightly lower, so that the train will not be heavily braked.

The 891 meter long track reaches a height of approximately 51 m and has a first drop of 43 m at 60 °. The train accelerates to around 101 km / h and it evolve while 4.8 g addition to Horseshoe five inversions were installed: a 38 m high loop, a cobra roll, a sidewinder and a corkscrew.

Jubilee Odyssey has a train of ten cars. In each car, two people can (a series ) take place. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.