Judge Jules

Judge Jules ( born October 26, 1966; Julius O'Riordan real name ) is a British trance DJ and producer. In the years 1997 to 2006, he was able to keep going in the top 20 of the "Top 100 DJs " DJ Mag, what he had to thank for his own radio show, among other things, that earned him great fame quickly.

His trademark is his flamboyant style of dress. In public appearances, such as a club he usually wears brightly - colored clothes, especially neon- colored shirts.


Jules lives in Highgate, a district in North London and is married to Amanda Shaw since March 1998. They have a son, Jake, who was born in June 1999. As an avid football fan, he supports Arsenal FC and was asked in 2005 to compose a remix of the official anthem of the Premier League.


First, Judge Jules attended Highgate Wood Secondary School, then the University College School, and finally the London School of Economics. There he studied law, which also results in his later name derived as a DJ. His musical career began as a DJ on radio station Kiss FM, and led him in 1997 to BBC Radio 1, where he hosted a weekly show. After 15 years, its mission has been removed from the program of BBC Radio 1 in March 2012. It will in future be increasingly active as a lawyer.

Discography (excerpt)

Solo albums

  • 2006: Proven Worldwide


  • 2006: " Ordinary Day "
  • 2007: " Without Love "
  • 2008: " Laid Bare "

Co - productions

  • February 2001 "Can not Keep Me Silent "
  • November 2001 " Stay With Me "
  • Hi- Gate ( with Paul Masterson ) ( Album ) 2003: Split Personality
  • VPL ( with Paul Masterson ) ( Singles ) 2001: The Bassline
  • 2002: T Break
  • 2003: Bass Trouble
  • 2003: In The Park
  • 2003: It's Showtime

DJ compilations (DJ mixes of Judge Jules )