Jugend Eine Welt

Jugend Eine Welt - Don Bosco Aktion Austria is an international relief organization with headquarters in Vienna and was established in 1997 as an association. The purpose of the independent non-governmental organization located in international children's and youth welfare and sustainable development cooperation.

Jugend Eine Welt Austria

Jugend Eine Welt Austria is a non-profit organization and aims at national and international youth welfare and development cooperation. About confessional and ideological boundaries supports youth projects around the world A world for children and young people from the poorest strata of society. It was founded in 1997 in Vienna.

In 2007, the division of the association took place in Jugend Eine Welt Austria ( ZVR: 843 744 258 ) and One World Youth International ( ZVR: 315 320 774 ). The applicant association Jugend Eine Welt Austria since the existence leads Spendengütesiegel, and donations to it are tax deductible since January 2009. The association is financed 77% by private donations, 17 % by public subsidies and 6% by other income.

In recent years it has begun info points in Tyrol, Carinthia, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg last build.

Youth A World is active in various networks. International, for example, Don Bosco Network and Don Bosco Youth Net, eg national in AG Global responsibility. Youth A World is sponsoring organization of BAOBAB - Global Learning, FAIR TRADE, ECPAT and Clean Clothes campaign.


Due to the preferred project partners - the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Don Bosco Sisters - A world youth has an international network of experienced professionals in 132 countries currently. They are often for decades in the project countries operate and set particularly for social concerns and the care and education of children and young people. Youth is a world - in addition to the Salesian Sisters and the Salesians of Don Bosco - a supporting organizations for unaccompanied minor refugees - in short " UMF " - social education across Austria Don Bosco refugee work.

For many years, youth is a world partner of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA ) and the Austrian Development Cooperation. The collaborations include the project area (framework contract ), the volunteer program or education and campaigning work.


The content of the work area of Youth A World includes project work, the internship program, development education and campaigning, as well as emergency relief and post-disaster reconstruction. For some time now the subject of ethical investment, organisationally supplemented by the service areas fundraising and administration.

The club helps by training in youth centers, schools and street children programs. The motto: "Education overcomes poverty ". This disadvantaged children and young people get a chance at a better future.

In Austria gives youth a world disadvantaged children and young people from around the world a voice in order to create understanding of their needs and concerns. With extensive campaigns, information and education, the association represents the interests of young people from the so-called developing countries.

The internship is a volunteer application, which is provided free of charge. Since 1 January 2013, the volunteer assignments are moved conducted by the sponsoring organization VOLUNTEER. VOLUNTEER move is an initiative of Youth A World Austria and the Salesians of Don Bosco and was established on 1 January 2013 on the promotion of voluntary work and alternative civil services abroad. A WORLD WORK is a branch club of Youth A World provides internship and inserts for people with work experience. From 1997 to 2012 volunteer missions were organized by young people from Austria in Don Bosco projects the club's youth a world and supported.

The club is moving VOLUNTEER recognized sponsor for alternative civil service inserts, see Foreign Service of Austria, and give to social services. The requirements are therefore the same as the year traineeship.

Fair money

In the field of ethical investment initiated Youth A world with Bankhaus young wood ( Raika Group) Don Bosco ethical funds. With the RLB Tirol and the Don Bosco GMBH financing the club puts in Austria bonds to finance Don Bosco education and production projects in developing countries.

Spendengütesiegel and Deductibility of donations

The Austrian Spendengütesiegel confirmed the proper handling of donations. Every year is controlled by a chartered accountant in the proper accounting, the economy and efficiency and dedication moderate use of funds. Thus, the donors receive the greatest transparency over the use of their funds. Youth A World carries the Spendengütesiegel since its introduction in 2001 without interruption. Donate to Jugend Eine Welt Austria are tax deductible for individuals and businesses since January 1, 2009. With the number SO 1211 Youth A World registered as a tax-advantaged organization with the tax office.

Day of Street Children

The day of street children was launched by Youth A World on January 31, 2009. On the anniversary of Don Bosco, the independent charity school classes, youth group groups and parishes calls for deal on with the life of street children. Through actions such as shining shoes or information desks to schools, market places or shopping centers, children and youth can on the lives of street children point. Special materials provide background information and proposals for action on the subject.