Juice (magazine)

Juice (proper spelling: JUICE ) is a German hip hop magazine. The magazine is published eight times a year in the publishing Piranha Media.


In each issue, numerous interviews with rappers and reviews were printed on current publications. Also an album by the editorial staff appointed Album of the Month Pro edition. Another section there is the Battle of the ear: An album that is perceived very differently in terms of its quality by the editors, gets two reviews of two different members of the Juice editors. This evaluation will include albums in the Juice after the Crown principle, while a maximum score of six crowns is possible.

Every year, readers of the Juice awards were presented at national and international artists.

The magazine was founded in 1997 appeared ten times a year from 1999 to 2001, 2002 to 2010 eleven times a year, starting in the third quarter of 2010 as in 1998 six times a year and since the fourth quarter of 2011, eight times a year. In the first quarter of 2001, Juice sold 51 209 times and in the second quarter of 2012, almost 15,000 times.


Vs. The Beats

Under the heading " ... vs.. The Beats " are an artist played different songs. These are measured by the artists. In the hip-hop musicians, it may be a rapper or producer.

All Time Classic

Another section of the Juice came in many issues of the magazine the area All Time Classic. A one-to two -page report summarized the most important information about a rapper or a crew that contributed greatly to the hip-hop culture or albums have published which are now referred to as classic, together. So there were, among others, on: Tuff Crew, Coldcut, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Original Concept, The Whoridas, LSD, Newcleus, Hijack, DJ Red Alert, Kenny Dope Gonzalez, X - Clan, K - Rino, Boogie down Productions, Henry Chalfant & Arabian Prince.

Juice CD

The Juice CD is a sampler, which is included with the monthly magazine Juice. On the CD are songs by different artists that are allocable to the music genre hip hop. The first CD Juice was settled the issue No. 23. Until the 66th edition of Juice CD ten titles were found per CD. At the September 2006 issue of this number was increased to 15; currently are usually 12 songs found on the CD. The songs are some exclusive shots, which are called Juice Exclusives. Juice CD No. 60 and No. 78 (Issue 100) were previously the only Juice CDs, the only exclusive tracks contained. The 82th edition of the CD was a Dynamite Deluxe Special, on the artist ( Max Herre, Azad, Marsimoto and others) the classics remixed deluxe sound system.

6 Crown albums

So far, received the highest rating of 23 albums Juice editors of six crowns. In the 100th issue of Juice only 18 of these albums were mistakenly listed ( it was missing the album "The Isolationist " from June 1999). The 23 albums with highest score are:

Were in the 100th issue of Juice eight albums that have been evaluated by the Food Juice originally with less than six crowns, later awarded the highest rating because it retrospect occupy a classic status. These are:

In the May 2009 issue, an extensive article about the group Beastie Boys, in which the formation of those albums (some again ) were evaluated appeared. Here, the album Paul 's Boutique received the rating of six crowns.

Juice Awards

The Juice granted every year by the so-called Juice Awards. These are nominated in different categories by the readers of Juice. The reader can send its decision directly in the magazine or in an online questionnaire.