Julia Haacke

Julia Haacke ( born September 2, 1971 in Munich) is a German actress and voice actress.

Life and work

Haacke settled in Vienna, Los Angeles and Munich train as an actress and also took lessons in voice training at Mela Marchand.

A larger audience was Julia Haacke first time through the cable 1 game show The Hugo Show ( around the same computer-animated Troll) known in which they from 1996 /1997 Witch " Scylla " showed. Under the title Scylla her was granted a short-lived spin-off after series.

As a film and television actress, she starred in the black comedy Over my dead body, in the Utta - Danella Love movies The Black Mirror and The Blue Bird as well as in episodes of the television series SOKO 5113, St. Angela and Lexx - The Dark Zone. 1997 Haacke embodied in the soap opera Verbotene Liebe sequence from 570 to 626, the " Kerstin Richter" and in 2006 in the telenovela storm of love in episodes 122-160, the " Nathalie Hoffmann ". After 14 - year break, she returned in August 2011 for a guest appearance in their traditional role as " Kerstin Richter" in Forbidden Love back, another guest appearance followed in February 2012.

She also works as a voice actor. So she spoke Jennie Garth in Beverly Hills, 90210, Juliet Tablak in Married with Children, Tara Reid and Urban Legends, Alyssa Milano in Melrose Place and Who 's the Boss? , Eliza Dushku in Bring It On and Ludivine Sagnier in Swimming Pool drops on Burning Rocks. She gave Izabella Miko in Coyote Ugly her voice as well as the title character in the Canadian animated series Caillou. Furthermore, they could be as Rei Hino / Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon, as Kodachi in Ranma ½, as Chabo in One Piece, as Diana Lombard in Martin Mystery, as Melissa Sone in Montana Jones, as Bebe Stevens, Shelley Marsh and for some time Bebe Stevens South Park and as Shippo in InuYasha hear.

Filmography (selection)