Julia Nunes

Julia Nunes ( born January 3, 1989) is a singer- songwriter from Fairport, New York. Substantial progress took her musical career online through their gecoverter on YouTube videos and put your own songs in which they - often more voices - singing while accompanying himself on the guitar itself, melodica, piano or ukulele.


Nunes was born on January 3, 1989 in a family of musicians in New York: her father is a pianist and composed children's songs, one of her grandfathers composed Portuguese fado music, the other was a jazz pianist. Nunes began at the age of seven years with piano lessons until she switched to guitar as a teenager. Since the age of 14 she composes her own songs; Ukulele she plays since 2005, along with more guitar and melodica. In a comment to one of their YouTube videos, she pointed out that she has both the U.S. and the Portuguese nationality.


YouTube videos

Nunes was " entertaining and intricately cut " through their videos. known on YouTube Among them are his own songs, but also cover some of their favorite bands like Say Anything, Spoon, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Destiny 's Child. Original songs already appeared twice on the top page of YouTube under their user name jaaaaaaa, which according to their own testimony happened by coincidence, as they the A button after the J key on a PC keyboard - the first and last letters of her first name - repeatedly expressed.

Molly Ringwald reported on Good Morning America on August 30, 2008 that it even picked up the ukulele, after she had seen Julia Nunes on YouTube: " I ​​always wanted to play ukulele and they ( Nunes ) has inspired me. "

Left Right Wrong

Their first CD Left Right Wrong contains only original compositions and was in the summer 2007als independent production at JuNu Music ( ASCAP ), published on Nunes ' label Rude Butler Music. As a result of her YouTube success Nunes agreed in June 2008 a distribution agreement for Left Right Wrong with Burnside Distribution Corporation, so that the album is now also available in regular trade. The twelve tracks ( ten of studio and two live recordings ) were recorded only with guitar and voice, without overdubs that distinguish their YouTube videos. A video of their song Into the Sunshine has been viewed more than two million times on YouTube.

I Wrote These

Their second CD I Wrote thesis was published on 15 October 2008. Apart from the title Sugar Coats, who was with her friend and fellow musician Kirk Stevens, the CD contains again only his own songs by Nunes. Like their first CD I Wrote thesis on their label Rude Butler Music, the copyright is owned by JuNu Music. The album was recorded and mixed by Peter Kobor and Chris Roberson at Studio Arts Entertainment and Hilltop Recording in Greenwich, New York. Most titles are played purely acoustic, with a few songs it is accompanied by a fully occupied band, including Todd Haviland on bass and Dave Harris on drums. Guest singers are Dan Gocek, Kirk Stevens, and Andy Martin; as a further accompaniment is whistling, finger snapping and beatboxing. I Wrote thesis was mastered by Steve Forney in the Linden Oaks Studios in Rochester, New York.

Performances in recent times,

At the request of Ben Folds, one of her musical idols, she joined in May 2008 on the opening act of the pianist. She had an appearance at the Bushman Ukulele Luau in May 2008, after winning the 2007 Bushman World Ukulele Video Contest first prize. Later she was seen in The Knitting Factory in New York. On 25 October 2008 she played the opening act for The Bacon Brothers at the State University of New York at Geneseo. On November 22, 2008 Nunes played their song Maybe I Will on YouTube Live in San Francisco, together with the YouTube Ukulele Orchestra, composed of YouTube users and ukulele players Wade Johnston, Dustin Domingo, Philip Fernandez and Narciso Lobo. In January 2009, Nunes took four times before a packed house in London, and was heard in an interview and an appearance on BBC Radio 1. In June 2009, she played three times at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, an independent music festival in Manchester, Tennessee, and was a second time on tour in England.

With the recording of their third album, they started in August 2009. The album was released on February 2, 2010 on iTunes via their own record label Rude Butler Records. Producers were Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn ( Pomplamoose ).


In December 2008, Nunes participated in the Project4Awesome the vlogbrothers. Instead of calling users on YouTube to donate to charity, she offered a hand-knitted hat for sale on eBay and promised to double the sum of the proceeds of the Lupus Foundation of America ( a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and treatment of lupus erythematosus ) to donate. After a bidding war, the hat for $ 1,250 was awarded to Kenny West, a musician from Philadelphia. When she realized what amount they now had to spend out of pocket, she asked her viewers on YouTube to support and promised to donate $ 500 out of pocket. In January 2009, the Lupus Foundation Nunes about had a donation of 3107.85 U.S. dollars.