Julio Meinvielle

Julio Meinvielle ( born August 31, 1905 in Buenos Aires; † August 2, 1973 ) was a nationalist Catholic priest and Argentine writer.

As a leading figure of the Catholic nationalism embodied by Father Julio Meinvielle Uki Goñi a " specific Argentine variant of anti-Semitism ." In his anti-Semitic Bestsellers El judío ( The Jew ), he declared in 1936 the Jews to the enemies of Christianity, which " must we Christians love ... according to Christ's command to love even your enemy." In hacia la Cristiandad 1940 he represented the view that Nazism is consistent with the divine will and a " cleaning " performing. Here, the " Hitlerism the hall ... paradoxically, of Catholicism " was. The Axis powers come to the mission to destroy all " anti-Christian structures ".

Best-selling author contributed his works to the fact that in the 1940s in Argentina strengthened the common attitude, Argentina could, due to its Hispanic and Catholic Tradition enter an alliance with the Nazi regime without take over the Nazi typical racism.

In Germany relate traditional Catholic circles on Julio Meinvielle who try their church critics say the " People's Observer " of traditionalist Catholic perspective to substantiate. This includes " the former seminarian of the Diocese of Augsburg and now publisher Anton Schmid ," which offers in addition to numerous conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic writings also an anti-Semitic work of Julio Meinvielles.