Jullouville is a commune with 2355 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Manche in Basse-Normandie region.


Jullouville lies on the English Channel, seven kilometers south of Granville and north of the Bay of Mont -Saint -Michel. The river Thar runs along the northeastern boundary of the municipality.


The commune of origin is Bouillon. 1881 Armand JULLOU and Mr. Dupuy have decided to buy the support of other individuals a large zone of dunes on the coast. We owe them the casino and the Notre Dame Church. After the formation of a company 's plans for the site have been created (large straight streets, houses, hotels). The resort was founded in 1882.

In 1972 Saint Michel des Loups combined with broth, and the official name of the municipality was Jullouville. Namesake was thus Armand JULLOU.

A town hall was inaugurated on 24 May 1976 and the Community Services moved from the old premises in Bouillon here.