June 27

June 27 is the 178th day of the Gregorian Calendar ( 179th in leap years), thus 187 days remain until the end of the year.

In German-speaking June 27 is also known as the Seven Sleepers. After a general rule of the weather for the next seven weeks is determined on that day. This designation for June 27 is also available in Russia.

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  • 2009: The Hercules Tower, the landmark of the Galician city of A Coruña and oldest -powered lighthouse building, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
  • 2010: In Duren, the Leopold -Hoesch Museum opened with adjoining Peill forum.


  • 0678: Pope Agathon is enthroned as the successor of Donus.


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Before the 19th century

19th century

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Before the 19th century

  • 1149: Raymond of Poitiers, a French knight of the era of the Crusades
  • 1241: Gilbert Marshal, 4th Earl of Pembroke, English nobleman and Earl Marshal
  • 1296: V. Florens, Dutch Count
  • 1477: Adolf, Duke of Geldern
  • 1574: Giorgio Vasari, Italian court painter to the Medici Florentine artist and biographer
  • 1648: Arngrímur Jónsson, Icelandic scholar
  • 1654: Johann Valentin Andreae, German writer, mathematician, theologian
  • 1655: Eleonora Gonzaga, youngest daughter of Vincenzo I Gonzaga Duke of Mantua
  • 1775: Ignaz Günther, German sculptor
  • 1794: Claude -Victor de Broglie, French politician and General
  • 1794: Count Wenzel Anton Kaunitz, Austrian politician
  • 1794: Simon Nicolas Henri Linguet, French writer

19th century

20th century

21st Century

  • 2001: Jack Lemmon, American actor
  • 2001: Tove Jansson, Finnish fantasy writer
  • 2001: Udo Proksch, German Wheeler and criminal
  • 2002: John Entwistle, British rock musician
  • 2002: Russ Freeman, American jazz pianist
  • 2004: Erik Blumenthal, German psychologist and a graphologist, psychotherapist and author
  • 2004: Carlos Botto Vallarino, Chilean composer and music educator
  • 2004: Edwin Noël, German actor
  • 2004: Fausto Romitelli, Italian composer
  • 2004: Helmut Rothemund, German politician and jurist
  • 2004: Jean Graczyk, French cyclist
  • 2004: Ramdat Misier, Surinamese President
  • 2005: Shelby Foote, American author and historian
  • 2005: Domino Harvey, British bounty hunter
  • 2005: Jiří Ropek, Czech organist, composer and music educator
  • 2005: John T. Walton, American businessman and multimillionaire
  • 2006: Heinz Putz Hammer, German elementary school teacher and trade unionist, Member of the Board of the German Trade Union Federation ( DGB)
  • 2008: Lenka Reinerová, Czech writer and journalist
  • 2009: Ollie Poole, U.S. American football player
  • 2009: Gale Storm, American actress and singer
  • 2010: Andreas Okopenko, Austrian writer
  • 2011: Elaine Stewart, American film and television actress
  • 2012: Jerónimo Tomás Herrera Abreu, Bishop of Mao - Monte Cristi

Holidays and observances

  • Churches Memorial Johann Valentin Andreae, German and Dean of the consistory ( Protestant)
  • St. Hemma of Gurk, Austrian nobles, churches and monastic founder, country mother and patroness of Carinthia ( Catholic)
  • St. Theo 's Nest, the Roman bishop ( Catholic)
  • Name Days Wladyslaw

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