Junge Generation (SVP)

The young generation in the SVP (short: JG) is the youth organization of the South Tyrolean People's Party ( SVP), the collecting party of the German and Ladin South Tyrol.


The Young Generation ( JG) has about 6,000 members, the largest political youth organization in South Tyrol and the community of all members of the South Tyrolean People's Party from 14 to the age of 30. The JG is represented by over 100 local youth groups capillary across the country. Their main task is to represent the youth policy and youth interests. In addition, the contact and cooperation with all youth associations and organizations in the country to be searched. At the European level is to improve relations with various youth organizations are set up or expanded.

The generation of boys logo was redesigned in the spring of 2010. Now the colors black, red and white are used, and the last two the colors of the flag are Tyrolean.

The " plain text " (formerly " Young CIS " ) is the magazine of the Young Generation.

Structure of the organization

The local youth groups are in the districts of Bolzano - Town and Country, Brixen, Burggrafenamt Pusteria, lowlands, Vinschgau and Wipptal grouped. Each of these districts is represented by the district youth officers and his two deputies in the national youth leadership. This also belongs to the Bureau, which consists of the country's youth officers, his three deputies ( one female, one male and one Ladin ), the managing director, composed the two district representatives and the international speakers.

The State Youth Assembly is the highest body of the young generation and is convened once a year. Every three years they elect the country's youth officers and his three deputies.


The young generation as SVP Youth on April 19, 1970 at the 1st Annual Regional Youth Assembly in Waltherhaus in Bolzano was founded. First elected state youth speaker was Hans Benedikter. His deputies were Hans Bauer and Klaus Dubis, Ladin deputy was Ferdinand Mussner and first national youth secretary was Klaus Gruber. Already 1966/67, was started with the establishment of local youth committees and 1967 Kalterer Erich Spitalerstraße was appointed as the first national youth secretary of the SVP and supervised the construction of the youth organization. In 1968, the Rules of Procedure of the SVP Youth was approved by the Party Committee and in 1969 there were already 105 local groups and 244 local youth officers.

International and Membership in associations

The young generation in the SVP is represented in various international organizations. These are the Youth of the European People's Party ( YEPP ) - the Youth of the European People's Party ( EPP) - the Democrat Youth Community of Europe ( DEMYC ), the boys Alps region and the Young European Region Tyrol.

The JG is a member of the South Tyrolean Youth Council ( SJR ).