Jungle Brothers

The Jungle Brothers are a hip- hop group from New York City, which was founded in the mid 1980s as a trio. They are among the founders of the Native Tongues.

The founding members of the group were the DJ and MC Africa Baby Bam from Brooklyn, who was born as Nathaniel Hall and named after Afrika Bambaataa, and MC Mike G. (Michael Small) and DJ Sammy B ( Sammy Burwell ), both from Harlem. Their first album, Straight Out the Jungle was published in 1988 on a small label. On the album Afro- centrist political lyrics were placed over samples of jazz, rock, soul, reggae, blues and spirituals and in collaboration with producer Todd Terry was a house track. Many of the innovations of the Jungle Brothers were picked up in the subsequent years by other artists.

1989 signed the group to Warner Bros., which brought out the second album Done By the Forces of Nature. The album was danceable and melodic than the debut and the lyrics were influenced more by their political ideas.

After four years without publication was published in 1993 J. Beez wit the Remedy, the original Crazy Wisdom Masters should be called. For her '97 album Raw Deluxe Jungle Brothers signed with the then British label Gee Street, also on the VIP (2000) and All That We Do (2002 ) published. Last was produced by Todd Terry and includes techno and drum and bass influences. In 2003, You In My Hut Now in ZYX.