• Shammi Kapoor: Chandra Shekhar
  • Saira Banu: Rajkumari / ' Raj '
  • Shashikala: Mala
  • Anoop Kumar: Jeevan
  • Lalita Pawar: Shekhar's mother
  • Azra: Rajkumari the Princess
  • Moni Chatterjee: Raj's father
  • Asit Sen: Shekhar doctor
  • Rajan Haksar: brother of Princess
  • Shivraj: Manager / Jeevans father
  • Helen: Miss Suku (guest appearance )
  • Moolchand: Creditor with red turban

Junglee (Hindi: जंगली, Jangli " wild, out of the forest, jungles )" is a Hindi film directed by Subodh Mukherjee from the year 1961.


Shekhar returns after a long stay abroad back to his homeland. Crowned by the success he considers himself still strictly to his mother's principles: never laugh and never love - the only way to get ahead in life. Quite different his sister Mala. She has fallen in love with Jeevan and must keep their relationship a secret. To make matters worse, that they'll soon becomes pregnant.

In Kashmir Mala asks her friend Rajkumari ( in German: princess) for help. You will Shekhar be distracted and lures him into the mountains. There they got into a heavy snowstorm, which is why they are forced to make in a hut just. During her day-long stay, the two come closer and eventually fall in love themselves.

The time goes by. Mala gives birth to her child and secretly from Shekhar has become a new man. Back at home the mother Shekhar wants to marry a princess. This Shekhar does not fit and plays in front of the princess like a madman. The Princess brings this is not out of the rest, because she and her family are behind Shekhar asset ago.

As luck would have it so wants to visit the Princess Shekhar to the same period as Rajkumari and her father. Falsely holds Shekhar mother Rajkumari for the princess until the real princess shows up. The turn pushes Rajkumari Malas child, yet no one knows, as. To preserve Malas secret she has no choice but to agree to the statement. Mala can not allow this and confesses before all the child's mother to be. Her mother is outraged when suddenly the brother of Princess bursts in and they all threatened with a weapon. Successful Shekhar can disarm him. Now realized Shekhar mother to have made ​​a big mistake and accepted the child as well as Rajkumari.


The lyrics to the music by Shankar - Jaikishan and Hasrat Jaipuri Shailendra wrote.

The actress Helen was in the song Suku Suku their guest appearance.


Junglee was the second highest-grossing Hindi film of the year 1961.

While color film productions was reserved in the Indian movie Junglee only large spectacles, began with this film, the era of color film in the family romance movie entertainment. It is the most important film in the career of Shammi Kapoor and he is because of his youthfully rebellious occurrence as a cult film.


Filmfare Award 1962

  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound at Kuldeep Singh


  • Filmfare Award / Best Actress on Saira Banu