Jussive mood

The jussive (Latin iubere, " command, entrust " ) is a sub-category of the mode of the verb.

In contrast to the optative, expressing a wish, he stands for a command to be executed by a person or group of persons not present. The imperative, however, goes to the second person, the Kohortativ to the first.

  • Eat your vegetables! ( Imperative)
  • Let us stop. ( Kohortativ )

In German jussive is customary to refer to the imperative use of the subjunctive.


  • It return any of his own front door.
  • He cheers.
  • In recipes: Take ...

Paraphrases with the modal verb infinitive to have also Jussivfunktion:

"It should mind his own doorstep each. "

In Latin, the function of a Jussivs is taken regularly by the present subjunctive and stands as a watered-down command:

Adiuvet, "He should help ." Veniant, " Let them come ."

Some languages ​​have developed their own forms for this mode, such as the Persian and Arabic ( Apokopat ).

Even the Hebrew language of the Old Testament has a jussive:

[ ... ] Yehi or ... " Let there be light " ( Gen 1:3 EU)