Jutiapa on the map of Guatemala

Jutiapa is a city in Guatemala and the administrative center of the department of Jutiapa and the same 620 km ² large municipality ( municipality ).

Location and climate

The city is located about 124 km south-east of Guatemala City on the southern slopes of the central highlands to 892 m altitude. You can reach Jutiapa of Guatemala City on the highway CA 1 The climate is hot.

Economy and Tourism

In Jutiapa and around a wide variety of agricultural products are produced, including coffee, rice, corn and beans. Of prime importance is the livestock and the production of milk and cheese products. The craft shall concentrate on products from ceramics and palm branches, as well as leather goods. Jutiapa is a commercial center for the mentioned products. The city benefits from a privileged location at the Pan-American Highway and the proximity to El Salvador. Tourism plays only a minor role.


Jutiapa is the department of the same name since 1852 capital.