Jutta Richter

Jutta Richter ( born September 30, 1955 in Steinfurt, North Rhine-Westphalia ) is a German author of children 's literature.


Your youth spent Jutta Richter in the Ruhr and Sauerland before they went with 15 a year after Detroit (USA). In order not to forget their native language, they actually wrote her first book she still published as a student.

After studying theology, German literature and journalism in Münster she works as a freelance writer on Westerwinkel in ash and mountain in Lucca in Tuscany since 1978.

For their stories, which are primarily targeted at children and adolescents, she has won numerous awards, including awarded the German Youth Literature Prize. In addition, she wrote radio plays, children's plays and songs they like on their audiobook Hexenwald and magic socks sometimes einsingt itself.

Jutta Richter was married to Ralf Thenior and has a daughter.


  • 2000 Pied Piper Award for Literature for The dog with the yellow heart or The Story of the opposite
  • For the day when I learned to tame the year 2000 LYNX spiders
  • 2001 International UNESCO Award nomination list for The dog with the yellow hearts
  • For the day when I learned to tame 2001 German Youth Literature Prize spiders
  • 2004 LYNX the month of August for summer pike
  • 2004 Reading Peter Hecht September for summer
  • 2004 Calw Hermann Hesse Scholarship
  • 2005 Catholic Child and Youth Book Prize for summer pike
  • Germany 2006 Funk - " The Best 7 Books for Young Readers " in November 2006 for the cat or how I lost eternity
  • 2007 Premio Andersen / Italian Children's Book Award for The Cat or How I lost eternity
  • 2008 Mildred L. Batchelder Award / Honor Book / American Children's Literature Award for The Cat or How I lost eternity


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Editorial Boards

  • ... and bathe every Saturday. Stories of the past. Random House, 1987. ISBN 3-499-20441- X