JWM (Joe 's Window Manager) is a lightweight window manager for the X Window System, which was written by Joe Wingbermühle in C. JWM is distributed as source code and uses only the presence of the Xlib library ahead. The following extensions can be enabled at compile time:

  • Icons in PNG, JPEG, XPM formats or
  • Xft
  • Xinerama
  • FriBiDi
  • The shape extension for non-rectangular window

At first glance, JWM is similar to a Windows desktop. JWM is configured with an XML file. But he also uses information that is intended for GNOME, Motif Window Manager and WM.

JWM is the default window manager of Damn Small Linux Tiny Core Linux, Puppy Linux, Simplix, SliTaz (< 2.0) and SystemRescueCd (< 1.1.7).