JX (operating system)

JX is a microkernel operating system whose kernel was well as the bundled software programmed in Java.


JX is a Java Virtual Machine ( JX core to German JX- core ), such features as the example direct hardware access and also written in Java programs for kernel functions, etc., was extended. Since it is a type - safe programming language in Java, JX is capable of running programs and evolving ( in the storage area ) without having to resort to hardware memory protection techniques. This technique, which is referred to as language-based protection, allows operating system - actions and inter-process communication without a slow on many computers change the memory area used to take place. JX runs on a standard PC, with a limited number of conventional hardware is supported. The system is open source and is being developed by the University of Erlangen.

The great advantages of JX are:

  • A lightweight, manageable operating system base allows high confidence in their safety and reliability
  • Since no change in the storage areas must take place, is one that achieved high performance in comparison to other micro- kernel operating systems.