JŽ series 461

The JŽ - 461 series is a heavy duty electric locomotive for passenger and freight trains of the former Jugoslovenske Železnice ( JŽ ).


The total of 103 vehicles, which originate from the Romanian producers Electro Putere and based on the plans of the Swedish manufacturer ASEA were thought with strong gradients for use on heavy trains and especially for use on railroad tracks, which are located in the Balkans, for example, can be found in the railway Belgrade - Bar, a Yugoslav construction project. The locomotives were delivered in two model series. The first and JŽ 461-0 designated batch, which 45 from 1971 to 1973 the traffic passed vehicles and includes the 58 designated as JŽ 461-1 and 1978-1980 vehicles built from the second series.

After the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Jugoslovenske Železnice disintegrated into several successor companies use three of which, namely the Montenegrin ZCG, the Serbian ŽS and operating in Macedonia MZ locomotives of the series 461. They occur passenger and freight trains. Some locomotives were also sold abroad.

Not all built 461 can still be found in operation today. Due to drop in demand after the division have been rectified, some locomotives and mostly used as spare parts and scrapped. In addition, some vehicles have been destroyed in fires and accidents. In addition, however, they form an important backbone of the rail intercourse in the countries concerned and provide almost the only locomotive genus is on the railway line Belgrade - Bar, which is also their main field.