K- Meleon is a based on Mozilla's Gecko engine browser for Windows.

The goal of K- Meleon is to be as fast as possible, maximum configurable and user friendly web browser. He is programmed only for Windows; porting to other systems is not planned; in conjunction with Wine the program runs well under Linux. Web browser with similar goals on other operating systems are Galeon and Epiphany on the Gnome desktop (for the X Window System on Unix derivatives, BSD -Lite derivatives and Linux systems ) and Mozilla Camino on Mac OS X.

Versions and history

K- Meleon is released under the GNU General Public License. The first version (0.1) was released in August 2000 as an attempt winEmbed which to integrate Mozilla Gecko testing engine in Windows. On July 15, 2006 saw version 1.0 of the program, based on Mozilla ( Gecko/20060706 ); the current version 1.5.4 is based on the Gecko engine After that there was a stable K- Meleon 1.6 beta versions that were based on the Gecko engine 1.9.1.x. And also stable K- Meleon 1.7 Alpha versions 1.9.2.x based on the Gecko engine.

The latest stable release version thus appeared in 2010. The development has since slowed down, because Mozilla has removed the MFC -embedding code for the Gecko rendering engine from the source and no longer cares.

Since December 2013 builds K- Meleon therefore on a XULRunner runtime environment.


The advantage of K -Meleon against XUL - based browsers such as Firefox is to use the native Windows interface, making it operates much more resource-efficient, which is noticeable especially on slow systems.

K- Meleon can be changed by skins in appearance. The menu navigation and operation are largely through macros freely configurable. They are defined in the K- Meleon 's own macro language in macros.cfg and displayed by menus.cfg.

The user interface is also available in German language. Until version 0.9, the files for the German language could be downloaded from the K -Meleon website, since version 1.0 is the official installation file with German language support available on SourceForge. Since K -Meleon is built on Mozilla Gecko, the program supports all Mozilla plugins.

Other features include a pop -up blocker, operation by mouse gestures, a built-in RSS reader, the parallel use of Internet Explorer Favorites, Opera Bookmarks and Mozilla bookmarks and a way to suppress the display of advertisements. The program can be downloaded with installer or as a stand alone version.

Development and Programming

K- Meleon has a small community of developers (at times there was only one person in their spare time ); so the browser is not always updated as often as it would have been desirable to address all safety problems that had crept into the Gecko engine. From 1 April 2005, however, all the Mozilla Gecko engine updates over the K- Meleon User Forum as K- Meleon update is available. To update the used K-Meleon Gecko engine itself, a simple guide was written. Most 0.9er versions use the Mozilla Gecko engine 1.7.x - later (1.x ) the SeaMonkey Gecko 1.8.x. Alternatively, you can find each finished builds and pre-release ( RC) in K- Meleon forum. German questions will be answered at present (as of 2014) there.