K.S.C. Lokeren Oost-Vlaanderen

Koninklijke Sporting Club Lokeren Oost- Vlaanderen is a Belgian professional football club based in Lokeren, in the province of East Flanders, who plays in the Belgian league, the First Division.


By merging the two clubs Lokeren and Standard Lokeren Racing was created in 1970, the club Sporting Lokeren. You managed within four years to advance from the fourth division to the first division. This one belonged without interruptions from the season 1974/75 until the 1992/93 season.

The sporty and successful period was the 1980/81 season, in which the association of Belgian vice-champion and vice Cup winner was. Likewise, Dundee United and Real Sociedad San Sebastian was this season with wins over Dynamo Moscow, reached the fourth round of the UEFA Cup, in which one but failed because of the AZ Alkmaar.

After relegation in 1993 was followed by three years in the Second Division, which were characterized by financial problems, was made ​​up in the 1995/96 season of resurgence.

Since then plays with Sporting in the upper middle of the First Division and managed several times to qualify for the Intertoto Cup and in the 2003/04 season for the UEFA Cup.

In 2000 after the merger with Sportkring St. -Niklaas renamed Sporting Lokeren SNW.

2003, the club was eventually renamed to Sporting Lokeren Oost- Vlaanderen.

The home games are played in Daknamstadion.


  • Belgian runner-up ( 1) 1981
  • 2012, 2014

Well-known former players

  • Albania Besnik Hasi
  • Burkina Faso Aristide Bance
  • Denmark Preben Larsen Elkjær
  • Finland Marko - Olavi Myyry
  • Finland Kari Ukkonen
  • Souleymane Youla Guinea
  • Iceland Arnór Gudjohnsen
  • Iceland Rúnar Kristinsson
  • Iceland Arnar Viðarsson
  • Congo Democratic Republic of Hervé Nzelo - Lembi
  • Niger Ouwo Moussa Maazou
  • Stephen Keshi Nigeria
  • Nigeria Peter Rufai
  • Norway Petter Rudi
  • Poland Grzegorz Lato
  • Poland Włodzimierz Lubański
  • Serbia Goran Drulić
  • Czechoslovakia Karol Dobiaš
  • Czechoslovakia Jan Koller
  • Czechoslovakia Martin Pěnička
  • Czechoslovakia novel Vonášek
  • Czechoslovakia Daniel Zítka
  • Togo Adékambi Olufadé