K1 stands for:

  • An Egyptian tomb, see Mastaba K1
  • The Masherbrum, a mountain in the Karakoram
  • Vitamin K1, phylloquinone see
  • The first productively used for the exact longitude measurement from 1772 clock at sea, made by Kendall Larcum
  • The politically motivated Urbanization Commune I, which was from 1967 to 1969 in Berlin
  • A fully enclosed 1000 cc motorcycle from BMW, refer to BMW K1 ( motorcycle)
  • A test car of BMW from the year 1938/39, refer to BMW K1 ( automotive)
  • The articulated railcar Tatra K1
  • One of the kayak, boat class in canoe racing
  • Diverse broadcasting formats and the abbreviation of the television station Kabel eins
  • A South Korean main battle tank, see K1 Type 88
  • A South Korean assault rifle, the Daewoo K1
  • K1 the German People's Police ( DDR): Department of the Ministry of the Interior to combat crimes against the GDR as well as offenses against the state and public order with intelligence agents

K1 stands for:

  • The K1 - group, as presented in the mathematics, see K-theory # K1

K-1 stands for:

  • A full contact combat sport rules, see K-1
  • A sports car, see K-1 Attack
  • A Slovak sports car manufacturer, see K-1 Engineering
  • A Soviet passenger plane, see Kalinin K-1
  • A privately developed reusable launch vehicle, see Kistler K-1
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