K3 (Band)

K3 is a girl group with Dutch-language repertoire, which primarily aimed at young children. The group's name came from the first letter of the first names of the three founding members, the Belgians Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts. In October 2009, the Dutch Josje Huisman took the place of Kathleen Aerts.

The music is produced by Studio 100, which also television shows such as " House of Anubis " come. Principal author of the music is Miguel Wiels, Alain Vande Putte and together with Peter Gillis.


The band was founded in 1998 by Niels William, originally with the goal of becoming the Flemish Spice Girls. This is evident in the early lyrics. The first single " Wat ik wil " (What I want) but was not very successful.

In 1999, K3, entitled " Heyah Mama " at the Belgian finals for the Euro Vision Song Contest part. The song was rather badly received by the jury, although the title was released as a single and as a result a great success. The title remained 25 weeks in the Flemish " Ultratop 50 ", including two weeks at number 1

Soon after, the band also managed the jump to the Netherlands. With numerous other singles and 9 other albums as well as 3 Best - Ofs the band celebrated in both countries partly huge success. Album number 8 and 9 ( " Ya Ya Yippee " and " Kusjes " / " kiss " ) recorded 50,000 and 20,000 pre-orders.

K3 also moderate a television program for children with the title " De wereld van K3 " ( "The World of K3 "), which gave it first in both a Flemish and a Dutch version. Today, however, it exists only in the Dutch version.

On March 23, 2009, Studio 100 in a statement announced that Kathleen Aerts would leave after 10 years K3. Two days it was known that the other two members want to seek a replacement through a talent show would. As a result of these ongoing with very high ratings in the Netherlands and Belgium show was presented on 3 October Josje Huisman who had won both the jury vote, the vote of Karen and Kristel band and the audience vote.

The first single with the new line, " MaMaSé " reached platinum status in October 2009. On November 23, 2009 came out of the same album, which consists of two CDs: the first with known numbers sung with a new cast and a second with new songs.

In 2010, Kristel Verbeke announced in an interview that she along with Huisman and ladies at a series called Hello K3! turn, which is broadcast since 2010 in Belgium and since 2011 in the Netherlands.

Her latest album is Engeltjes from the year of 2012. Waar zijn For this is the Engeltjes ( dt Where are the angels ) of the song for the first film with Josje Huisman, K3 Bengeltjes.


Current Members

Karen Damen ( born October 28, 1974 in Wilrijk, Belgium) is the redhead in the band. She is the oldest member and get 2010 their first child. She is, in addition to singing and acting, can still be seen in other series at K3, so she played, for example, in the original version of " House of Anubis ", which is called in the original " Het Huis Anubis ", the sports teacher Esther Verlinden. She's since its foundation in 1998 it. As a solo singer, she already took, for example, with the singer Regi the song " Hard" on.

Kristel Verbeke ( born December 10, 1975 in Hamme, Belgium ) is the black-haired boy in the children's band. She herself has two children and is married to the Belgian singer Gene Thomas. It is also outside of K3, acting active, for example, she was on the show " Wicky " in the dubbing in 2010 the Dutch-speaking voice of Lee Fu. It has been active since the band's inception in the band.

Josje Huisman ( born February 16, 1986 Heusden, Netherlands) is the "new" blonde with K3. She was in, specially created in 2009, casting show to find a new member for K3, the winner, chosen by her audience. Their debut single with K3, called " MaMaSé " was very successful. She is the youngest member of the band. It is the only Dutch woman in the band, her colleagues are all Flemish. Since 2009, she has thus Kathleen Aerts, when the new Blonde in all tasks that those in K3 had superseded and replaced. The first album with K3 Huisman, called MaMaSé, was released as a double CD with 12 songs. On the first CD new songs were on it, is newly on the second, twelve of the most famous old K3 songs with Huisman.

Former member

Kathleen Aerts ( born June 18, 1978 in Geel, Belgium) was the blonde from K3. She was a founding member of the band, but left due to personal reasons those in 2009. K3 She was also a singer, actress, presenter of the series " De wereld van K3 " and musical actress. Aerts was until she got out of K3, the youngest in the band. Aerts began her solo career in 2009.


The songwriter of the band are Miguel Wiels, Alain Vande Putte and Peter Gillis, who had previously worked for the Flemish singer Isabelle A..


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  • Since 2007, wax figures are from the three founding members Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts in " Madame Tussauds " in Amsterdam, in 2009 came the addition of Josje Huisman.
  • K3 is one of the best selling bands of Belgium, with more than 10 studio albums, 20 singles and over 20 music videos for which they have received several times awarded gold and platinum.
  • The band was not about the music station famous, but on children's channel.
  • In 2009, after Kathleen K3 left, made Studio100, a talent show, called "K2 K3 zoekt " in which they found Josje Huisman as a replacement for Kathleen Aerts.
  • WIR3 since 2007, a German version of K3: The singers are similar in type to those of the original, but are younger. Previously published WIR3 songs are cover versions of hits K3, where choreography and musical arrangement are identical to the Flemish versions - only the texts have been translated and partially adjusted.