Kabompo is a place on the river Kabompo, a wide tributary of the Zambezi in the north-western province of Zambia. It is the seat of the administration of the district of the same with 51 904 inhabitants ( 2000 census ), 1990, it stood at 60 164, and is therefore declining. 1914 this stood at 10,405. Since then, refugees from Angola have immigrated. There are refugee camps, but no exact figures.


On the M8 in 2006 many camps are refugees from the Angolan civil war, which are still to be repatriated, but does not want. The road M8 is considered central smuggling route for cobalt from the Congo and diamonds from Angola.


The district is dominated by miombo forests with Zambezi teak and open floodplains. Meanwhile, there are 6,000 beekeepers. A GTZ project has successfully built up production and marketing of honey. Staple foods are cassava, corn and fish. It offered venison and hardwoods. Otherwise, the district is not well documented. There are deposits of copper - cobalt - gold - uranium - iron ( Kabompo - Dome) and a few diamonds suspected. 16 km northwest of Kabombe are 1.4 million tons of limestone, as demanded in the cement industry and in agriculture.


Kabompo has primary and secondary schools and a dirt-track 1,200 -meter runway. Up to the national capital, Lusaka, there are officially 930 km.