Kabsa (Arabic كبسة, Kabsa DMG ) is a set of rice dishes that are on the Arabian Peninsula and especially in the Arab Gulf states than traditional local dishes. Originally Kabsa comes possibly from Yemen.

Three essential ingredients determine taste and appearance of these dishes: rice, spices and meat. The mostly long grain basmati are separately prepared cuts of meat that are cooked, grilled or on Mandi - type cooked covered with clay attached. Traditionally, these are usually pieces of chicken or lamb, rarely, fish or beef.

The taste is largely determined by the spices like pepper, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, black lime, nutmeg, bay leaves or cloves. Most almonds, assorted nuts and raisins are still mixed.

Traditionally, the dish is eaten in the group of a large vessel by hand.

  • Rice
  • Arab cuisine