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Kadesh, also Qades, Kadesh, Kinza, today Tell Nebi Mend, was an important city in ancient times, the river Orontes.


The excavation hill ( Tell) is about 25 km southwest of the city of Homs in Syria. A fortress offered to city residents and transients protection. Kadesh was a fortress not the deciding factor of power. Only the particular location on the northern edge of the Lebanon Mountains lifted Kadesh in the class of important places. It was from here you could easily reach the Mediterranean. Similarly, here the trade routes from Damascus to Aleppo and crossed by Amuru to Palmyra, in the further course to Mesopotamia. This central location Kadesh controlled the trade.


The city's name combines especially with that battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC, in which the Hittite king Muwatalli II fought back a campaign of Pharaoh Ramses II. Some time before that König had Bentešina of Amuru, lay in the territory of Kadesh, ignored the vassal treaty with the Hittites and was the other superpower Egypt overflowed. Amuru extended over parts of present-day Syria and the present-day northern Lebanon and bordering on to the Egyptian -controlled Palestine. The small kingdom formed a buffer between the northern provinces of the Pharaoh and the Hittite empire. After the Battle of Kadesh remained in the hands of the Hittites.

Kings of Kadesh

  • Šutatarra
  • Aitakama (son of Šutatarra ) ca 1355-1310 BC
  • Niqmadu (son of Aitakama )
  • Bentešina