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Kafue is a town of 162 262 inhabitants ( 2000 census ) to about 1,000 m above sea level on the eponymous river in Zambia. It is the seat of the administration of the district of the same with 150 217 inhabitants ( 2000 census ).


Kafue is considered Zambia's center of heavy industry, textile manufacturing ( Kafue Textiles Ltd. ), Fertilizer production ( Nitrogen Chemicals Ltd.)., Shoemaking (Bata Shoe Company Ltd.. ) And metal processing. Your industry is also influenced by agriculture along the Kafue floodplains. In Kafue therefore processing industry for agricultural products is located. This applies to sugar cane processing (sugar, gin ), fish processing, slaughterhouse, drying, but also Barylith mining, because 20 kilometers deposits mined with 200 to 1000 tons of these pink and white crystals and other suspects. The immigration of the last decade is high. The population Kafues has quadrupled. Population pressure has had the upper hand poaching and illegal fishing in the extensive Kafue floodplains.


Kafue is on the road and railway from Lusaka to Livingstone. A railway line from Kafue via Chirundu by Zave and Harare is being planned, a road leads already there. Since 1993 there is a bridge over the River Kafue. Kafue is located 200 kilometers east of the Kafue National Park and 44 kilometers south of Lusaka. Park and city are named for their location on the eponymous river.


Kafue has a range of tourist services with hotels and restaurants, which is but little used. Several protected areas are accessible from here is very good, especially the near Lochinvar National Park. 40 km east lies the Kafue Dam with lake.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Moses Hamungole (born 1967 ), Bishop of Monze
  • Chisamba Lungu (* 1991), football player