Kagera River

Rusumo Falls (front Rwanda, Tanzania opposite side of the river ). Back the mouth of the Ruvubu (top left) in the Kagera. Flow direction: lower left

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The Kagera or part of the Akagera river system of the Upper Nile in the area of Lake Victoria. He is over 900 km long and at times forms the border between Tanzania and Rwanda and later between Tanzania and Uganda. It drains in Rwanda in about 1350 m altitude the Rugwero lake on its eastern side (2 ° 21 ' 14 " S, 30 ° 21' 50" E - 2.353919444444430.363858333333 ) and is the source of the Nile, the farthest from its mouth is removed into the Mediterranean.


It first flows to the southeast and then in an easterly direction. After the change on Tanzanian territory, he turns to the north. Shortly before the Kagera River boundary between Tanzania and Rwanda is again flowing from the south to the Ruvubu. Approximately 500 meters to the north, to the point where even a major paved road with border guards crossing the border between the two countries, the terrain drops off 15 meters deep and is the Rusumo Falls. This waterfall is part of the Akagera National Park, which was established in 1934 and is one of the largest protected areas along the Nile. A 110 km long and two and a half meter high electric fence, which is to be completed by the Rwanda Development Board until March 2013, to prevent conflicts between the wild animals of the park and the neighboring populations.

With the boundary change Rwanda / Uganda turns the river to the east. Where changes to the meandering border demarcation between the two countries in a longitude contraction, the Kagera flows for over 100 miles through Tanzania, before he swings to the north, the border completely crossed to Uganda and reached Lake Victoria about 30 kilometers of river.

The Kagera is with about 28 percent of the total water inflow quantity of the main tributary of Lake Victoria.