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The monastery Kaisheim ( formerly Kaiser Home, Latin " Caesarea " ) is a former Cistercian abbey in the market Kaisheim in the diocese of Augsburg in Bavarian Swabia.


The monastery was founded in 1133 by Count Henry III. Lech Gemuend and his wife, the daughter of Liukardis Luetzel monastery in Alsace, which was itself a subsidiary founded monastery Bellevaux from the filiation of primary Abbey Mori Moon, was founded. Kaisheim founded in 1273, the daughter monastery of Stams in Tyrol's Inn Valley. It was probably since 1370 formally Reichsstift, but until 1656 the monastery was able to assert his imperial immediacy against the dukes of Bavaria. Since that time, monastery Pielenhofen belonged to the monastery as Subpriory Kaisheim. Christmas 1778 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed as a guest of the Reich prelates Celestine Angelprugger, whom he had met in Mannheim, in the monastery, which was dissolved in 1802 with the secularization.

The monastery was first occupied by Bavarian troops militarily. Then Kaisheim served as the central monastery of the disbanded Bavarian Province of the Franciscans. As of 1816, the buildings were used by the Bavarian government as a penal workhouse and penitentiary. Inside the buildings, there is still a prison, the JVA Kaisheim. In the east wing, the so-called imperial hall wing, since 1989 the permanent exhibition housed " Behind Bars " in the Bavarian prison museum.

Of particular architectural significance next to the former monastery church are the Imperial Hall and the library hall. The manufactured around 1730 establishment of the library hall, a richly decorated two-story circulating on three sides Empor conditioning, (now State Library Neuburg an der Donau) spent in 1804 in the former county library where they are incorporated in the former Kongregationssaal.

The summer residence of the abbots Kaisheimer was located a few miles away in Castle Leitheim.

Abbots of Kaisheim

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