Kaizers Orchestra

Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian rock band that was founded in 2000. Its two founders, singer Jan Ove Ottesen and guitarist Geir Zahl, known each other for years and have formed their first band in 1991 ( Blod, Snått & Juling ).


The first album, Ompa til you dør ( humppa until you die ), was issued by the underground label Broiler Farm 2001. It was an enormous success, first in Norway, and later in Denmark and the Netherlands. The second album, Evig pint ( Eternally tormented ), late 2002 and early 2003 came out. The third album, Maestro appeared mid-August 2005 simultaneously in Norway and elsewhere in Europe.

Published in 2009, Kaizers Orchestra Album Våre Demoner, which in Scandinavian trade was only for a week as a " Limited Edition" will be available and then to buy as a download only.


The music of Kaizers Orchestra is inspired by Tom Waits music, Eastern European Gypsy music, punk rock and march / humppa music ( in Norwegian Ompa ). The texts of Ottesen and number are basically in the Norwegian language (except for the piece, the police, there is also sung in English ). Kaizers Orchestra have a particularly good reputation as a live band and are often on tour, now also stepping outside of Norway.



  • 2001: Ompa til you dør
  • 2002: Evig Pint
  • 2005: Maestro
  • 2008: Maskineri
  • 2008: 250 Prosent (Live album, released on vinyl only )
  • 2009: Våre Demoner ( collection of unreleased older pieces )
  • 2011: Violeta Violeta Vol 1
  • 2011: Violeta Violeta Vol 2
  • 2012: Violeta Violeta Vol 3


  • 2002: Død 's Tango
  • 2002: Control På Kontinentet
  • 2002: Man Mot man
  • 2004: The Gypsy Finale
  • 2006: Viva la Vega
  • 2011: Live I Oslo Spektrum