Kakhi Kakhiashvili

Acacius Kachiasvilis (Greek Ακάκιος Καχιασβίλης ), born as Kachi Kachiaschwili (Georgian კახი კახიაშვილი ), ( born July 13, 1969 in Tskhinvali, Georgia ) is a retired Greek weightlifter, who won Olympic gold for two different nations.


In Georgia, of Greek origin born mother's side (see Greek minority in Georgia ) joined Kachiasvilis first for the Soviet Union before it, under the flag of the United team took part in the 1992 Olympic Games. 1993 and 1994 launched Kachiasvilis then to Georgia before 1994 finally adopted the Greek citizenship.

Sporting career

With each a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1992 and 2000 in the middle heavyweight and heavyweight in 1996, and three world championship titles in 1995, 1998 and 1999 Kachiasvilis is one of the most successful weightlifter of all time.

His international career began Kachiasvilis as the European Championships in 1992 in Szekszárd where the hitherto little-known lift 400 kg in the occupied ( 175.0 kg / 225.0 kg ) in the Medium weight up to 90 kg the first place. He was also true for the 1992 Olympics as a medal candidate and confirmed this with 412.5 kg in the total. After he had finished tearing with 177.5 kg, he was 12.5 kg behind the Russians Sergei Syrzow back, then caught this in bumping, setting the world record with 235.0 kg still off and ultimately won due to lower body weight.

After the conversion of the weight classes Kachiasvilis limit was now 91 kg. Here he started first at the 1993 European Championships in Sofia, where he scored 402.5 kg ( 180.0 kg / 222.5 kg ). Could he still runner-up to 12.5 kg outclass the same result presented at the World Cup in the same year for the second place. First was Ivan Chakarow with 407.5 kg, third Anatoli Chrapaty with 395.0 kg.

Also at the European Championships in 1994 and at the 1994 World Cup to Kachiasvilis had to settle for second place. Both times referred him to the Russian Alexei Petrov of rank one. Only for the European Championships in May 1995, in Warsaw Kachiasvilis was able to hold back and won with 407.5 kg and 20 kg Distance to the runner-up. Then in November for the World Cup, he started in the 1st heavy weight to 99 kg, and posted here as well as the Second Sergei Syrzow 410.0 kg, but weighed less, which earned him gold.

In April 1996 Kachiasvilis approached at the European Championships in Stavanger and raised here a total of 392.5 kg. However, already at the Olympic Games in July he, rising to 420.0 kg ( 185.0 kg / 235.0 kg ), and thus won his second Olympic gold before Anatoli Chrapaty with 410.0 kg and 402.5 kg with Gotfrid.

After he took part in any international competitions in 1997, he contested the 1998 European Championships in Riesa now in the new middleweight to 94 kg. With 380.0 kg in single combat he took third place behind Chakarow and Caruso, who secured all three gold medals.

However, he had conquered the World Cup in the same year his poor form, scored there again 400.0 kg and won gold before Caruso with 395.0 kg and 392.5 kg with Leonidas Kokas.

In 1999 he had the first place in the European Championship, although cede to Poland Szymon Kołecki, but referred him to the World Cup in the same year with 412.5 kg to 405.0 kg on the second place.

In his now third Olympics in 2000 in Sydney Kachiasvilis be able to secure the gold medal in the snatch 220.0 kg in bumping due to its lower body weight after 185.0 kg. Second was Kolecki with 405.0 kg, third Petrov with 402.5 kg.

With the goal to win the only weightlifter four Olympic gold medals, he attempted a comeback at the 2004 Olympics in his own country. The first stop for this was the EM 2003 in Loutraki, where he thus a fifth place, no longer took for thrusting after 177.5 kg in the snatch and. Also in the 2004 European Cup in Kiev, he could not prevail, finishing with 392.5 kg in single combat ( 177.5 / 215.0 kg ) in fourth place. At the Olympic Games then Kachiasvilis increased with 180.0 kg in the snatch one which he could mastered only in the second attempt, and then took his last tear test with 185.0 kg not to high range. In thrusting he planned with 220.0 kg enter the contest, but was able to contribute with three invalid attempts, no duel championship.


  • Kachiasvilis was primarily known for its state of shock technology. His shock of 235.0 kg in Barcelona in 1992 remains to this day (as of November 2009) the highest weight, which was met with an international championship in the state.

Personal best

  • Tear: 188.0 kg at the 1999 World Cup in Athens in the class to 94 kg ( current world record).
  • Launched: 235.0 kg at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona in the class up to 90 kg.
  • Duel: 413.0 kg ( 188.0 / 225.0 kg ) at the 1999 World Cup in Athens in the class to 94 kg ( the current world record of 412.0 kg ).
  • Duel: 420.0 kg ( 185.0 / 235.0 kg ) at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta in the class up to 99 kg.