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Kalabahi is the only city on the Indonesian island of Alor and capital of the Indonesian government district ( kabupaten ) Alor in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. An estimated 60,000 people live in Kalabahi and its surroundings.

Alor is of volcanic origin and very rugged. The region on the west coast of the island to Kalabahi is the only flat area, which is why the Dutch colonialists, the island's capital and main port of small - Alor ( Alor - Kecil ) 1911 installed here. The Bay of Kalabahi provides the ships natural protection. There is also a diving area with different corals.


On July 4, 1991, there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 M. The epicenter was 110 km east of the city in the sea between Timor and Alor. 23 people lost their lives.


The IATA airport code of the airport of Alor is ARD. It is located ten kilometers from Kalabahi. During the dry season Kalabahi is running five times a week from Kupang, the provincial capital, from a Kasa of Merpati Airlines. Since mid- 2003, a flight route Kupang Kalabahi - Kisar - Ambon is offered with return flight the next day.

Ferries depart every week from Kupang (West Timor ) to Kalabahi. The journey takes 20 hours. Twice a week there is a ferry route Larantuka ( Ostflores ) - Lewoleba ( Lembata ) - Baranusa ( pantar ) - Kalabahi in 20 hours. Once a week there is a ferry from Atapupu (West Timor ) to Kalabahi in nine hours. In addition, the Pelni passenger ships Serimau and Awu run weekly on Kalabahi. Due to the strong winds and big waves to connect to Alor is often interrupted during the rainy season.

Freighter usually go from Alor to Surabaya, Makassar and the Moluccas. The main port Alors has a capacity of 600 tons gross tonnage.

In Kalabahi taxis provide ( Bemos ) for public transport. At other places in Alor buses, in the mountainous interior of the island jeeps, called Pansars. About the waterway connecting smaller boats places and neighboring islands.