Kalamata (Greek Καλαμάτα ( f sg ) ), the ancient Pharai, is the center of the Greek Regional District Messinia in the Peloponnese. In the Municipality of Kalamata, the three formerly independent municipalities Arfara, Aris and Thouria were incorporated in the administrative reform in 2010, which the town grew to 61 373 70 006 inhabitants.

The city is known for the export of olives. The variety " Kalamon " owes the city its name.

Local situation and local image

Kalamata is the largest port of Messinia. It lies in the shadow of the castle, which was built in the 13th century by the Frankish Crusaders under William II of Villehardouin; on its northern flank is still a small Byzantine church, which was dedicated to the Panagia Kalomata and after the city was probably renamed the Byzantine period in Kalamata. Other interpretations of the name refer to the reed (Greek Kalami, Kalamata = reed field) that prevails in the swampy estuary of the Pamisus.

Below the castle, the old town and the convent Kalogreon where the famous silk fabrics are woven. Of the many churches of Kalamata, the apostle church is from the 11th and 13th century, the oldest - in it the beginning of the struggle for freedom against the Turks was posted on March 23, 1821 officially proclaimed. In addition, the city has an archaeological and folklore museum, an art gallery and a library with 60,000 volumes, including some rare editions.

Due to the severe earthquake on 13 and September 15, 1986 Kalamata was badly damaged. Even today, standing in the city center, the ruins of collapsed houses at that time. The majority of the city is now, however, of modern buildings.


  • Kalamata is a well-developed road network ( via the motorways 8 ( Aftokinitodromos 8) and 7 ( Aftokinitodromos 7), or the European roads E94 / E65 ( European route 65) from Athens via Corinth, Tripoli and Megalopolis ) connected; the Highway 7 comes close to Kalamata to about 6 km.
  • Kalamata is easy to reach via remote bus of KTEL bus company Messenia. These buses, inter alia, to Athens - Kifisou KTEL (12 times daily), Thessaloniki, Patras, Tripoli, Ioannina and in Messenian towns and villages.
  • To the west of Kalamata is an airport that is used by the military and civil. In the summer months it is occasionally also from Germany of charter flights fly (Note: this changes from year to year). There are flight connections to Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • From Kalamata from there a ferry trip across the island of Kythira Kissamos in Crete.
  • Kalamata also has a major commercial port and a marina for the yachting.


  • Castle from the 13th century. There, every year find the Summer Festival with concerts and performances with the city theater instead.
  • Several Byzantine churches
  • Benakeion (Archaeological Museum ) in the city center
  • Railway Museum

Church of the Apostles

Monument commemorating the beginning of the struggle for freedom

Air table


  • Cyprus Republic Aglantsia, Cyprus
  • Tunisia Bizerte, Tunisia
  • People's Republic of China Xi'an, China

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Nikolaos Doxaras (1706/1710 - 1775), painter
  • Maria Poliduri (1902 - 1930), author
  • Vassilis Photopoulos (1934 - 2007), painter, director and set designer
  • John Iliopoulos (* 1940), particle physicists
  • Nikolaos Salavrakos (* 1946), politician and lawyer
  • Nikos Liberopoulos ( b. 1975 ), football player
  • Sokratis Papastathopoulos (* 1988), football player