64.566666666667 - 20.766666666667Koordinaten: 64 ° 34 '0 "N, 20 ° 46 ' 0 " W

The Kaldidalur ( Isl cold valley ) is a valley in Western Icelandic highlands. It is located in the municipality of Borgarbyggð.


It is located between the Ok volcano and the glacier Þórisjökull. Its highest point is at 727 m. The volcanic system of Prestahnúkur is located east of the valley.

Upland slopes

Along the valley runs the Kaldadalsvegur ( F550 ), the shortest at 40 km of the Highlands Islands compounds. They are therefore often called "Highland for Beginners". Rivers or large streams are not to wade through on the route or to go through. This route is therefore also with a normal car to drive, albeit some with difficulties.

The F550 branches before the Uxahryggir at Biskupsbrekka in the north of the road No. 52 ( Uxahryggjavegur ) from. The 1060 m high shield volcano located east of the runway Skjaldbreiður beginning.

The course to the north between the Þórisjökull and the Ok highlight some cairns that have their own history.

Not far from Húsafell ends this way.

A continuation ( F578 ) continues north through the lake-rich Arnarvatnsheiði up to Hvammstangi on Miðfjörður.

The other known highland routes are the Kjalvegur and sprengisandur.


Desert-like landscape


Kaldidalurpiste on Þórisjökull