Kalecik, Ankara

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Kalecik is a Turkish community and a territorially congruent Ilce ( state administrative district) in the province of Ankara. The municipality belongs to the city municipality Ankara (Ankara Büyükşehir Belediyesi ), which includes all the municipalities of the province.


The settlement Kalecik situated on a conical mountain whose summit is crowned by a ruined fortress. And derives its name, which means " small fortress " in Turkish. The municipality is bounded on the east by the course of the Kizilirmak, the province Kırıkkale beyond its with the Ilce Solaksu. To the north it borders on the province Çankırı with its central Ilce ( Merkez ) and the Ilce Kizilirmak, to the west and south by the Ilce Çubuk, Akyurt and Elmadağ Ankara province. Apart from the plain on the banks of Kızılırmak the terrain is mountainous.

Kalecik is known for its red wine, which is made from the grapes of the variety Kalecik Karası (see: Viticulture in Turkey).


In the area of Kalecik fossil remains of Sivapithecus alpani, a primeval primates were found. The village has been inhabited since the time of the Hittites. In the Ottoman period Kalecik was a city with developed craft, about the reported even in the 16th century Evliya Çelebi.


The fortress above the town dates back to Roman times. In the city will find buildings from the Ottoman era, around a bridge from that time on the Kizilirmak.


  • Esref Apak ( born January 3, 1982 in Kalecik, Ankara Province), Turkish hammer thrower
  • Selçuk Sazak ( born March 16, 1954 in Kalecik, Ankara Province), German actor of Turkish origin