Kalemie ( to 1966 Albertville ), is a city on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika, at the outflow of the Lukuga, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Province of Tanganyika ) with 147 065 (as of 1 January 2005) inhabitants, in 1984 there were, according to census 73 528. The city has a harbor from which ships to Tanzania, but also to the northern town of Uvira run. Through this port and its textile and cement industries, it is the economic center of the region. In addition, the city terminus of the line Kamina - Kabalo - Kalemie. Kalemie 1892 Established as a Belgian military post.

On 5 December 2005, the earthquake shook the city on Lake Tanganyika, whose epicenter was about 55 kilometers away. Several houses collapsed, and there was at least one dead.

Kalemie maintains a decades-long twinned with the German town of Steinheim.

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