Kali Meehan

Kalivath Gerald Meehan ( born March 9, 1970 in Ovalau, Fiji) is an Australian heavyweight boxer.

Professional career

After a relatively brief amateur career with a record of 23-5, the former rugby league player became a professional boxer in 1997. In June 1999 he won the Australian heavyweight title he long was over a year before he finally resigned him in November 2000. His first opponent was more famous Peter Okhello from Uganda, he in Japan by Ko defeated in the third round. In June 2001, he had to suffer his first defeat. The fight for the Commonwealth title against Danny Williams of Great Britain in London He lost by a technical knockout in the first round, after Williams had sent him twice to the ground.

After Meehan won the next six bouts, he got to fight on 4 September 2004, the chance against the world champion of the WBO Lamon Brewster for the title. Meehan lost that fight in Las Vegas only scarce and controversial on points. In his next fight in November of the same year he fought against the former world champion Hasim Rahman, lost against this, however, by a technical knockout in the fourth round. After this defeat, some construction fights against lesser-known opponents followed. In October 2007, he defeated the Americans DaVarryl Williamson prematurely.

Despite a subsequent 21-month inactivity, most recently, he played in August 2008, a fight that standing at Don King under contract Meehan remained thanks to Kings influence in the WBA Association placed high in the WBA rankings and has been for a eliminator for the mandatory challenge right against the Uzbek Ruslan Tschagajew nominated. The fight against former WBA title holder was on May 22, 2010 in the Stadthalle Rostock and was won by Tschagajew over twelve rounds convincingly on points.