Kalininskaya Line

The Kalininskaja Line (Russian Калининская линия ), also called " line 8" or " yellow line " referred to, is one of the twelve lines of the Moscow Metro.


  • Tretyakovskaya ( Третьяковская? / I ), to transfer to the same station of Line 6 as well as the station Nowokusnezkaja line 2
  • Marxistskaja ( Марксистская? / I ), to transfer to the station Taganskaya the Ring Line, and the station of the same name, line 7
  • Ploshchad Iljitscha ( Площадь Ильича? / I ), to transfer to the station Rimskaya line 10
  • Awiamotornaja ( Авиамоторная? / I )
  • Shoots Entuziastov ( Шоссе Энтузиастов? / I )
  • Perovo ( Перово? / I )
  • Nowogirejewo ( Новогиреево? / I )
  • Nowokossino ( Новокосино )

Depot and vehicles

The line has its own private storage for their vehicles, namely, opened the commissioning of the line 1979 Depot Nowogirejewo. Its fleet consists of eight -car sets the standard type 81-717/714 ( this series was used on the line since its opening ), and - since 2012 - of the newly developed type 81-760/761.


The Kalininskaja line was built in the 1970s and was one of the Moscow construction projects that were advanced before the Olympic Games in 1980 in the then Soviet capital. The commissioning of the first phase took place a few months before the Games, on December 30, 1979; this was the 11.4 km long stretch of Marxistskaja to Nowogirejewo including depot. On 25 January 1986, the extension of 1.7 km followed westward to Tretyakovskaya where a new three-station transfer hubs was created. An extension in an easterly direction to the Moscow city limits was carried out with the opening of the station Nowokossino on 30 August 2012. A part of the outputs of this station is already on the territory adjacent to the Moscow city Reutov in the Moscow Oblast.

Expansion plans

In the near future there are plans to extend the line to the west and further to the north. Here are two stations in the historical center of Moscow arise also another interchange station to circular line on the Kutuzov Prospekt, a continuation of the line above the business district " Moscow City" and the connection to the Arbatsko - Pokrowskaja line in Park Pobedy (the portion of City by Victory Park is already the end of 2013, initially separated from the rest of the line, to go into operation ). Then the Kalininskaja - line should be in the districts Ramenki and Solnzewo extended ( with connection of the Olympic Village ). First, a shuttle operation between Delowoi Tsentr (Moscow City) and Park Pobedy is established; are being constructed there since 2011. Closing the gap on the Moscow center is from 2015 and follow the direction of elongation Solnzewo probably later.

In the planning phase of the section after Nowokossino there were considerations of a further extension of the line in a southeasterly direction to four stops in the new residential area Koschuchowo. However, these were rejected in 2011; should instead between 2012 and the end of 2016 a new, further south running Koschuchowskaja line with eight stations to be built, starting (planned in 2013 ) from the station Awiamotornaja the Kalininskaja - line and with connection to the still to be constructed station Lermontovsky prospectus the prolonged Tagansko - Krasnopresnenskaja line.